Montauk State Park

Report: Montauk State Park

Posted by Darrell Bentley on February 18th, 2012
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Note:  Report includes Blue Ribbon section of the Current River.

During the week the MDC was busy inside Montauk doing selective material removal. They started in the Spring Branch to remove vegetation and gravel. They have several sections of the stream to do and will be continuing to work the coming week.  This is something that must be done from time to time to deepen the areas to hold the fish and cause less aggravation for the anglers because of the weeds. They are doing other things along the in-park sections of the Current River to control the buildup of sand and silt.

Huge boulders have been placed in strategic areas of the stream to encourage scouring and movement of the materials. These can be great structures to hold fish and cause resting eddies for the fish. Also the current around the rock will cause a funnel for food that concentrates on either side of the rocks. This in fact is what we are seeing this week in the Blue Ribbon below the park.

Pupa and larva of the insects are being dislodged by the removal of debris and flushed downstream into the lower section of the park and Blue Ribbon area. The trout laying in the deeper faster flowing water and picking these easy foods item up as they wash by.

The best flies to try are the Caddis Merger#18, Blood Worm #18, DC Midge #20, & Diamond Cad Larva Olive #18.  All bead head’s and should be fished as droppers and bounced on the bottom. I have also seen some midge hatch this week. The Winter Midge (Wilcox Midge) in size 20-24 will hook you up with fish. The Caddis hatch was light this week but be observant they will be a few during the day especially if the sun is out.

Only 9 days till the 2012 trout season opening! So stop in the shop we have what you may need to start the season with success, waders, boots, Rods, reels, bait, spinners, jigs, glo balls, fly rods, fly reels, and one of the largest selections of fly’s in the neighborhood, all tried and proven on the Current River.
Note: I have not receved word on whether or not the MDC will do removal of sand above the Dam in the fly area of the park. If I get word I will report.

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