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2012 Trout Season Opening Coming Soon!

Posted by Darrell Bentley on January 19th, 2012
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With only 41 day’s till the opening of the 2012 trout season in the Missouri Trout Parks this would be a good time to start panning for your trip. Over the years I have been at the opening day events at Montauk every year as both a worker and participant in the event.  I have watched hundreds of anglers migrate into the park on March 1. Some with well thought out planes for the day, and some with not a clue to what they were in for. The latter causes the most well laid out plans of the planners to fail.

The weather is a big player in the event, and I have saw snow 14” deep, sun and 55 degrees, rain with mud you name it. Crowds from 3,450 anglers to 900. The following is a few tips to make your opening day go better.

  • Watch the long range weather forecast for the day and plan driving and clothing around it. Remember it’s Missouri and things can change.
  • Bring a set of dry clothing. I have seen anglers who have fell in the river or found a leak in their waders and suffered from near hypothermia.
  • Test and set up your fishing tackle before you leave home. Don’t wait till a few minutes before the opening to find a birds nest in your line, or your fingers too cold to tie on a lure.
  • Arrive at the park about 2 hours before the opening siren to buy your tag. Or buy the day before.  Plan everything you do to take about 20 minutes longer that the norm.
  • Car pool. Montauk has limited amount of parking & in the dark hours before opening there is a mad rush for the available spaces close to the fishing areas. Enforcement rangers will place you in order of arrival at the areas. They love to see 1 truck 6 anglers or one car 4 people.
  • Plan the area you’re going to fish and know there will be 50 or more people with the same plan. Fishing ETHICS and patents are a must. Remember this is an EVENT not quiet peaceful day fishing. Expect the angler next to you to make mistakes in casting, landing fish, or location to make your day fun.  Tomorrow will be different.
  • Follow directions the Rangers give you. They are there to make the day go smooth for everyone they have a plan for it, and they stick to it. If your plan does not fit in to theirs you slow everything down for everyone else.
  • Last and the most important:   ETHICS, ETHICS, ETHICS.

These tips will make your opening go a little smoother if you remember this is a fun event not meant to be normal day fishing.

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