Joe’s friend Meramec River fishing report, March 15

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 16th, 2014
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Meremec smallmouth bass

My friend Joe and I decided to float on Saturday and enjoy the 70 degree temps before the sleet & snow came on Sunday.

Fishing was mostly slow, especially between put-in and about 11am. I think we had 5 fish combined at that point, all dinks: 2 spots (I hardly ever catch spots that far up on the Meramec) and 3 smallies. We were mainly throwing jerkbaits. I was experimenting with the Ned Rig/Midwest finesse thing.

Then we hit a little run that I always like to stop at when I fish this stretch of the Meramec, but we almost didn’t stop because the current is fairly heavy and It seemed more of a warm-weather spot. Or so I thought. We stopped anyway, if for nothing else than to stretch our legs and let the dog run about.

We had been on the spot about 15 minutes and caught nothing. I had put my rod back in the canoe and was lying on the ground to ease my back pain, waiting for word that Joe was ready to move on. Instead, I could hear him say he had a fish on and it was pulling hard. After a nice, strong fight (with the help of a strong current), He landed this fish:

We didn’t have a tape measure with us. He is calling it a 20″, which I think is safe. We’ve caught and measured many fish in the 19-19.5″ range over the last several years and this fish looked quite a bit bigger than anything we have caught.

We caught about 8 fish from this hole, a couple were nice 14-15″, the rest dinks. We even had a double at one point. All the fish at this hole we caught on bottom-bouncers, with the big one caught on a sweat beaver.

After leaving the hole, we probably caught 5-6 fish combined the rest of the way. We even caught a couple of fish on spinnerbaits. Another day or two of warm weather and I bet it would have been crazy good.

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