Meramec River is known for it's smallmouth bass fishing. This OzarkAnglers provides reports and information crucial for having the best fishing and floating experience possible on the Meramec River.

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Middle Meramec report

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 24th, 2017


Tried something different this week.  Typically I run up to a spot that I’ve caught fish from before, burn through it one time with whatever lures seem appropriate for the temps and season and then move to the next spot, rinse and repeat.  Since it seems like the smallies are transitioning towards spawning areas I thought I would select a few larger pools with good ripples above and below and pound them mercilessly until I either caught something or my arms fell off. read more…

Meramec River, 11-25

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 26th, 2016

walleye sauger 112516.jpg

Caught more walleye/saugers today than I have in my 42 1/2 years prior.  9 walleye/saugers; five which were keepers.  12 “keeper” bass including 3 spots, 8 smallies and a largemouth.  We had two other walleye come off at the boat and had another 5 that followed our baits to the boat but wouldn’t bite.  Three of the smallies were over 18 inches; including a 20 1/2″ that weighed 3.76lbs.  Had the river almost entirely to ourselves.  Only Saw one other boat.  Water temp was 47-48 with about 5 feet or so of visibility.  Brought home 8 spots in all; raising our total of harvested spots since October to 93 and a 13 inch crappie to boot.  Craziest day I believe I’ve ever had on the river.  We didn’t see hogwally…………………………………….. read more…

Nice Smallmouth

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 17th, 2016

three pound four oz smallouth 1.JPG

Owing to the amount of river traffic on a Sunday on the middle Meramec, I decided to fish a few hours in the early evening.  Reports on the river were that the bite was slow.  And, my experience was similar to others yesterday in that I had only two strikes.  However, one of those turned out to be a beautiful 18.5″ fish that was just shy of 3.5 pounds. read more…