Little Piney River: Lane Spring Camping/Fishing

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 28th, 2016
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Well the wife and I went camping at Lane last weekend.  Enjoyed the great weather and the great fishing. It wasn’t all peace and quiet but the camping was interesting. Saturday morning I woke up around 545 to people running thru the campground. They were doing some sort of race. Our neighbors were yelling and cussing at them from their tent which was mildly amusing while I was preparing for the creek. I walked out of the campground to see a Bass river resort van and about 30 kayaks on the ground.  The folks who had been running thru camp earlier were now dragging yaks thru the field to the creek.  So I stopped and talked to the Bass guy for a bit and watched the race some. I hope they didn’t run into any trouble downstream near Vida… 

I started fishing downstream from the spring about 45 min later. The fishing was decent and the usual soft hackles worked. However, I worked my way back up trying a new to me nymphing style I’m trying to get a grasp of.  I saw it done by Oliver Edwards and is pretty much directly upstream in faster water. Perfect for the Lane area.  I was using a BH Hares ear and once I got used to the process of bringing in line while keeping a dead free drift and no indicator I was in business. The first fish I caught was my PB for the LP.  Made my day!!!  I caught a few more and went back for lunch. The wife accompanied me later but she was more interested in swimming and lounging in a chair. Which was fine.  I actually did some swimming myself. Dang it was cold!!!

Saturday evening the action at the campground continued. A kid from another campsite had fell at the playground and hurt his shoulder so an ambulance had to come to their site and pick him up…

Sunday morning was the best time I’ve had at Lane.  In 2hrs I caught 20+ fish fishing soft hackles down and nymphs back up. Ran into 3 other fisherman on the way back up and had a nice talk with them.  It was an epic weekend in my book. I love this place!!!!













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