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July 20th fishing report

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 20th, 2018
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Bill Babler – It’s been a fantastic week outside the restricted area from Fall Creek thru Monkey Island.  Wednesday, and Thursday 1 unit was flowing early and it set up for an ideal Powerworm bite. Yesterday I had Shirley Fitzpatrick and her friend Ray.  These mature fishermen caught and released over 50 rainbows and the big gal you see pictured with Shirley.

Fish was 25 inches and 8# 14.5 oz.  That would qualify as the biggest Rainbow I have had a client catch in my 26 yrs. of guiding on the lake.  Shirley did a fantastic job of keeping the line tight, even when the fish came to the surface.  She however kept complaining it was killing her wrist as both she and the bow fought a good fight.

Big Bow was caught on a Crawler, 4lb test maxima and 4lb test drift rig.  With the great team at Lilley’s, she was able to be released and swim away to try it again another day.

“Both Shirley and the Fish”.

Big thanks to Victor who was working the dock for really helping rejuvenate and keep this nice fish alive to be hopefully caught again.

Today with 2 units and a flow of about 1.8 MPH we caught and released about 40 quality rainbows keeping a very nice limit, all on the BPW on the flats above Trout Hollow, Lilley’s flat above the dock thru the water intake and then thru the derrick hole that is just below Cooper Creek on the East shore.

Duane and Rick have been out on the same water with me and report at times up to 75 fish in a 4 hr. trip.  Most all coming on the Powerworm, fishing it from 7′ to 9′ under an indicator.  Today with the additional flow both Rick and I used a BB about a ft. above the worm fishing it at 8′.


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