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Lake Taneycomo fishing report, June 7

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 7th, 2017
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After a full month of releasing water from the flood gates at Table Rock Dam, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shut them all down Sunday, now releasing water only from its turbines.  Adding up all the numbers, I’d say we’ve seen about 120,528,000,000 cubic feet of water  run by our place.  That’s 2,678,400 seconds in 31 days with an average of 45,000 cubic feet per second.  Of course, there’s nothing scientific about my estimate!

Generation right now is holding at three turbines, moving about 10,000 c.f.s of water at a temperature of 52 degrees.  The water is a bit off-color with  visibility to about  four feet.  Table Rock’s lake level is approaching 926 feet with little to no water running from Beaver Dam.

I expect we will see this generation for quite some time, as long as Table Rock stays above 920 or so.  There’s not much rain in our forecast, only almost daily scattered showers.

First, navigation note:

The flash flood Memorial Weekend Saturday (from five inches of rain in two hours) pushed seven vehicles from a car lot, where Fall Creek crosses U.S. Highwy 165, all the way to Lake Taneycomo.  They all are under the water’s surface so you’d really never know they are there.  There are several just below the pile of rocks at the mouth, two down close to and out from the Fall Creek Dock and one way out in the middle of the lake out from about the fifth stall.

It’s hard to believe that the water was forceful enough to throw full size cars and trucks that far out in the lake, but Ryan (my nephew and dock worker here at Lilleys’) inspected the bank up in the creek and saw that the creek level was just under the bridge, some 20 feet over normal levels.  That’s a lot of water for such a small creek!!

There’s one truck that’s just above the dock and out about 60 feet that could damage a prop, so veer away from the dock and stay to the left when traveling through.  As the water drops though, more will come in to play.



Well, we’re back to colder water below the dam, but there’s still a lot of warm water fish up there.  The trout are now more interested in the usual flies, scuds, San Juans, egg flies and jigs.  They’re still hitting lures like crank baits, spoons and stick baits but not as aggressive as earlier.

The best fishing has been from Trout Hollow to Cooper Creek, drifting in the middle of the lake and using Berkley’s Power Eggs.  Use a 1/4-ounce bell weight on a drift rig to drop them to the bottom.

On a recent guide trip there were four kids on the boat — ages 3 to 9 — and all caught their limit save the 3-year-old who was short one trout.  They fished with one white and one orange egg until we ran out of those colors and then switched to one chartreuse and one pink egg . . . I’m not sure it mattered.

Our rainbows are running bigger than normal.  We had several pushing 14 inches and most over 12 inches long.

Dock fishing is now plausible.  The water isn’t too fast to present bait or a lure well enough to catch a fish.  We’ve had quite a few limits caught off the dock this week.  Most have been caught on Power Eggs and night crawlers.

Below the dam, we didn’t know how our fish were going to react to colder and slower water.  I say “colder,” but really 52 degrees is warm compared to past years for the first of June.  Normally, our water temperature is in the mid-40s.  Warmer temps are from all the spring rain water added to Table Rock.  But you’ll see by this video that they love it and are eager to eat!

The smallmouth, white and spotted bass, crappie and walleye will stay up there for weeks to come, but I’m not sure where they’ll end up holding.  They have been on the south bank (flood gate side), holding in the pockets and on the bottom of the lake.  I think they’ll still hit lures like jigs and stick baits.

Watch for more up-to-date reports on how fishing is faring in our trophy area in the coming days.

On a different note, I’ve heard bass fishing has been red hot down lake.  A report was posted on Ozarkangler’s Forum saying that they are hitting buzz baits just down from Rockaway Beach.  Sounds like fun!

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