Lake Taneycomo

Big water, big brown

Posted by Phil Lilley on January 7th, 2017
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Steve Benz, St Louis area resident, caught this monster brown trout this morning on Lake Taneycomo.  He was fishing with his long-time fishing partner, Curt Ochiltree, pre fishing for a private trout tournament tomorrow called the Boswell Memorial Tournament.

His trophy weighed in at 17.4 pounds with measurements of 30 inches long with a 22 inch girth.  It was released after a lengthly stay in an aerated water tank to ensure it’s survival.

Benz caught it while throwing a Shad Rap, a medium crank bait usually used for bass fishing but many anglers know that big browns like big baits here on Taneycomo.  With 4 units running this morning and current really moving here on the lake, these baits are perfect lures to use for trophy trout.  He was only using 4-pound line and the fish fight completely destroyed his lure.  It is amazing Steve’s trout didn’t get away… one treble hook was gone and of the 3 hooks on the back treble, one was bent out straight.  The wire connecting the back hook to the front bill had pulled loose from the body and pulled the bill down and was hanging off the lure.

It took almost 10 minutes to land the brown, several times jumping and “tail walking” across the surface.

After landing the brown, and with a frozen livewell (air temperature in the low teens), they ran back to the dock to get their fish in water so that they could release it.  After 2 hours, the fish finally righted itself in the tank and started showing signs of wanting to be released.

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