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Lilleys’ Lake Taneycomo fishing report, February 25

Posted by Phil Lilley on February 25th, 2015
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Generation patterns on Lake Taneycomo have remained about the same.  They follow our weather, or at least our night time temperature range.  If it’s pretty cold at night, in the mornings, they’re running 3-4 units until about 10 a.m..  If it’s not too cold, they run 1-2 units will about 9 a.m..  Weekends are a crap shoot.  Water could be off or could be running a half unit all day, and night.  No way to tell until Southwest Power posts the online schedule on Friday.

fishing-31 150Trout fishing has been pretty good, really all winter so far.  There’s a good number of good sized rainbows in the lake, above and below Fall Creek but we’ve noticed lately there’s a ton of smaller rainbows, what we call “silver bullets”.  My guess is that they were trucked over from the Neosho Federal Hatchery.  We get a load from Neosho in the winter and they are usually smaller with little color to them, unlike the rainbows stocked from our local state hatchery.

Early mornings while they’re running water, if the water is high enough and you can boat to the dam, start fishing at the cable (upper boundary of Lake Taneycomo) and throw an 1/8th ounce jig and work it off the bottom.  I cast out to the side of the boat toward the bank and work the jig sideways to the current.  Good colors have been sculpin, brown, black, olive, ginger, white, sculpin/ginger or brown/orange.  Four-pound line is plenty light for working these jigs.

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I’d fish these jigs all the way down to the mouth of Fall Creek, staying either on the deep bluff side or the middle of the lake.

When the water is off, jig or fly under a float is working as long as there’s some chop on the surface of the water.  If there’s not, go with something pretty small like a Zebra Midge or Trout Magnet.  Fish seem to hit these fairly well when there’s no surface movement.  But if you see chop on the surface down the lake from where you’re fishing, pick up and move!!

Colors:  Pink, white, pink/white, chartreuse or purple Trout Magnets.  Sculpin, brown, ginger, pink, black/chartreuse, ginger for marabou jigs.  Sculpin, olive, gray or ginger Micro Jigs.  If the water isn’t running, use 1/125th or 1/50th ounce marabou jigs and micro.  If the water is running, use 1/32nd ounce marabou and full Micros.

Add a Zebra Midge as a trailer below the jig for a better chance to success.  I’d try a #16 or #18 P&P, red, black, rusty or ugly (green) Zebra.

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Below Fall Creek, minnows have been hot this past week, either drifting them on the bottom when the water is running or just straight line when it’s not.  Night crawlers are good too along with garlic scented Powerbait, orange, sunrise, salmon or white color.

Good areas have been around Short Creek down to Cooper, Monkey Island down through the bridges.

Here’s a video I did yesterday showing a few ideas and techniques.  Hope it helps you catch more trout!

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