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Kyle’s Night Lake Taneycomo report

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 19th, 2014
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The fishing sure has picked up the past couple of weeks here on Lake Taneycomo, and the water has been right as well.  I have had several guide nights on Taney this past month and everyone is looking for the elusive 30inch Brown with no avail lots of 20-25 inchers which are still great fish.  We are swinging Streamers at them mohair leeches, slump buster and my exploiters.  Some nights they want it just on the swing and some nights they want it burned back .  I will have my clients cast down stream at an angle to the bank and let it swing through the current and let the fish dictate how they want it. 

This time of year I generally never get down past the point but that has filled in over the years now to where that has become pretty stagnant for fishing.  I moved on down and have found that fishing conditions are a lot better at night down by the rocking chair all the way to KOA. When I have boat out at night we do not get above Andy Williams house that is a very nice bluff to fish at night stripping streamers.

I generally get down there with my clients between 9-10pm and fish till 3am, makes for a long day back at the office but I say I can sleep when I am dead. So this week has been the best week out of the month for us at night seems like a lot of the big fish have finally made there way up stream and they are hungry especially at night.  Last week there’s hardly any action on the top of the water where this week there is a lot more jumping around and just being more active.

On Wednesday night I get a call from my buddy asking if I wanted to go out, I said no I think I will just stay here and watch my Royals clinch then watch the Cardinals try and do something:)  well after a little bit of arm twisting I agreed as long as he would drive.  We got to the water about 9:30 and again the parking lot is empty, what happened to all the night fishers out there. I remember 10-15 years ago you could hardly find a parking spot at night. Oh well I love having the place to my self.  We got dressed and Jeremy asked where I wanted to go I said just follow me and he stated we not gong up. I replied I have a little spot that has been hot all summer and I think there just might be something there tonight(I.E. the 30incher) I can here the song now did you see the 30 incher ok bad joke:)

So we made a little trek down a path through the water and ended up half way between the Rocking Chair and the boat ramp. I was throwing my exploiter fly and picking up quite a few fish but again nothing big.  The fish were wanting it just on the swing no movement what so ever except for the drift, I felt a little tap and I thought I missed the fish but he came right back after it and bent my rod almost in half.  In my mind I instantly thought I had the 30 incher about after a 10 minute tussle I finally had him where I could turn my light on and get him in the net and to my surprise it was a big Rainbow.  My biggest of my life down at Taney since I have been night fishing which I started when I was 16 and now I am 39,  the fish taped at 29″ x 20.

I know that was a long winded story, but to sum it all up the fishing has been stellar down at Taney during the night time hours stripping streamers here are a few pictures of the flies that I use and have my clients use on our night time trips.



slump buster.JPG

Blood Red Slumpbuster


Black Slumpbuster

Here is a picture of a brown that Jeremy caught this week as well.



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