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Darin’s Lake Taneycomo fishing report, November 8

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 9th, 2013
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by Darin Schildknecht, OAForum.  The generators have been off for most of the day the last few days. The weather has been a lot cooler and a few have been rainy. On the 7th there was no power generation except for a couple hours in the morning. It was sunny and about 60 degrees. Perfect in my book for wade fishing.

I started at about 3 in the afternoon and I only had a couple of hours to fish. I decided to fish around Lookout Island. One of my favorite places to fish is on the backside of the island. I have caught most of my biggest fish in that area.

Since the 2011 flood the gravel has been filling it in back there making it really shallow and skinny water but there are a few hole where big fish like to hide. I was hoping to find some nice browns back there but that was not the case.

I didn’t even see any browns at all and just a couple rainbows until I got to the lower half of the island. There were a lot of fish there. I was using a 1/100oz yellow egg set under an indicator to where the egg was just off the bottom. The first few fish were small and then, an 18 incher. I thought cool that will be the biggest fish for the day but I was wrong.

On the next cast I hooked a female rainbow that was around 24 inches, a guess, but she was really skinny. She came in quickly so I got a couple picks and let her go. She swam off right back to where I caught her from.

After that I caught quite a few more small rainbows all on the egg (Miracle Fly).

Overall the fishing was great and I am hoping the generators to continue to be off for at least part of the day so I can do some more big fish hunting.

The first pic is the 18 inch and the second is the bigger one.

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