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Lilleys’ Lake Taneycomo fishing report, Sept 28

Posted by Phil Lilley on September 28th, 2013
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Since my last fishing report for Lake Taneycomo, very little has changed.  Lake conditions and generation schedule are basically the same.  Weather hasn’t changed much.  Should get a little rain tomorrow and a drop in temperature but not much on both counts.  No generation till later in the afternoons, running till dark then nothing till the next day.

Leaves are starting to fall more so there are leaves floating on the lake’s surface and rainbows are holding under them feeding on midges mainly early and late in the day.  Even with the water running, the evening bite has been very good from Lilleys’ Landing down to the Branson Landing with trout midging, taking midges off the surface on the water.

When these trout are surfacing, they’ll take a lure thrown and retrieved up close to the surface like a rooster tail or small spoon.  They’ll also take a wooly bugger using a fast and stop retrieve.  Of course using a very small jig and float or a Zebra Midge under an indicator works very well too.

Missouri Department of Conservation, Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery stocked rainbows yesterday from their stocking boat.  It ran up lake, up to our place and turned around.  I was surprised to see the stocking boat because the lake seems to be already full of trout.

The usual baits are working very well- Gulp Power Bait using a white/orange or white/pink combo on the bottom or on a small jig hook under a float.  This really works good- almost cheating!  Remember to use a little Super Glue to hold the egg on the hook.  And of course air injected night crawlers.

I’ve been writing about the brown trout we’re seeing and hearing about up close to the dam.  What should not be missed is the nice rainbows up there too.  Rainbows between 14 and 18 inches seem to be in abundance and are taking small scuds and midges as well as leaches and sculpins.  Take quick look at a report by Tim Homesley and one by myself fishing last week and early this week pertaining to browns.

Wade fishing below the dam at night is heating up too.  Brown trout typically come out and feed at night so we like to target these beasts in the dark.  Crowds aren’t as bad either but from now till mid November there will be more night owls out, especially on weekends.  For big browns throw big streamers and sculpins, not that they can’t be caught on small woolies and even scuds at night.  Keep changing retrieve styles and speeds and keep changing flies if you’re not getting bit.  They’re out there!

I did get out last evening for a couple of hours.  With 3 units running but only partially, the level and flow equaling may be 1.5 units, I boated to the cable below the dam and started throwing a white 1/8th ounce jig.  The other evening when Steve and I went up, we did really well, catching several nice browns so I thought may be they’d want to play again last evening… they did not.

I made several drifts but didn’t do well above what we call the Rocking Chair area.  From the Rocking Chair down to the boat ramp is was good but only the rainbows wanted to bite.  But the rainbows were aggressive and bit well.  I boated a dozen between 13 and 18 inches.

At dusk, the water was dropping as the Corp shut down the turbines.  Trout really starting feeding on midges, dotting the surface on the lake from bank to bank.

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