Lake Taneycomo

Taneycomo night fishing report, Sept 22

Posted by Phil Lilley on September 23rd, 2013
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Started at 11 pm last night. Water was dropping out. My main target was fishing below Rebar in what was called the Big Hole because that’s where I saw browns jumping the other day. But with the water still up, I didn’t want to so down there till the water dropped out more. So I started at outlet #2.

I took 2 rods- one with a sink tip and one without. I used the sink tip the whole night. Tied on a #8 black pine squirrel, started fishing close and down current and had a take on the first cast. Then a hookup on the second. But I’d forgotten I had 6x tied on and broke the fish off. Tied on 6 lb maxima and another fly. Had several light strikes and one more hookup at #2 before heading down.

The moon was out bright. Didn’t even need a light to walk down to my spot.

My first fish wasn’t a trout… it was a white bass! He took a #6 ginger sculpin. I was casting it about 11 o’clock, throwing a big mend upstream and letting it drift, bouncing on the bottom. I got several takes doing this but no hookups. Then I’d make short single strips, pausing between. They were taking it on the pause, sometimes so hard I couldn’t react. Lots of misses but caught 6 rainbows, no size.

I tried quite a few patterns, some big articulated, white, black and smaller but they just weren’t that active. No jumping. But it was nice- hardly anyone down there fishing. Couple of guys at outlet #2.

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