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Scuds… freshwater shrimp

Posted by Phil Lilley on August 1st, 2013
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By Darin Schildknecht

Scuds are one of the most common food sources for trout here on Taneycomo.  They are more abundant in the upper reaches of the lake than anywhere else.  They live in and around the bottom of the lake.  They range from a size 24 to a size 12 when comparing to a hook.  Most of the scuds are a gray color but when they die they turn almost orange.  They eat almost anything.  They will eat the vegetation along with anything that is dead along the bottom of the lake.

There are many different variations of flies that imitate scuds.  Some are very difficult to tie and some anyone can tie.  From my experience the simple ones work just as well as the difficult ones.  My personal favorite is the scud tied with UV Ice dub from Hareline Dubbin.  Fishing a scud is simple, just right on the bottom.  When there is no power generation just fish it under an indicator on 5x or 6x Fluoroflex tippet, and if the power generators are on fish it under an indicator still but you can use heavier tippet.

We have several types of scuds for sale on our online tackle store as well as in our fly shop.

Here is some video that Phil Lilley has taken over the years of scuds on Lake Taneycomo:

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