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Lilleys’ Lake Taneycomo fishing report, Feburary 21

Posted by Phil Lilley on February 21st, 2013
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I’m going to post a combination of reports submitted by people who fished here the last few days and add some thoughts of my own.  Generally, trout fishing here has been very good with a mixture of weather and generation conditions all week.

Generation has been sporadic with one exception–the Corp has been running some water at least every other day for several weeks.  Last Thursday they ran one to two units all day, off Friday and Saturday, one unit all day on Sunday, off Monday and one unit for a half day on Tuesday.  Off today.  No rhyme of reason but consistently they are running something one of three days.  It gives everyone their favorite fishing conditions.

Here’s a report by one of our fishing guides, Rick Lisek:

Lake Level: 904.0 Water Temp: 47.5 Degrees Water Clarity: Clear

The trout fishing here on Lake Taneycomo has heated up. We are averaging anywhere from 55 to 90 trout in a four hour guided fishing trip. The really big trout have been hard to come by, but the 11 to 14 inchers are everywhere. Generation schedules vary and that determines what how we fish, but whether you fly fish or spin fish you can’t go wrong right now.

Above fall creek the best baits have been micro jigs and scud combinations and/or weighted eggs and midges. The best colors for jigs have been ginger and olive with an orange head. 1/100 oz has been the best weight. Olive and dark grey scuds as well as olive and black colored midges are the ticket as well. As far as egg colors, yellow, and peach have worked the best for us. Four to 6 foot leaders under a strike indicator work well most days.

Below Fall Creek, drifting pink and white power bait combinations have been taking numbers of fish. Use as light a weight as you can get by with. The best bet for larger fish is fishing a trout magnet in cotton candy and black colors 7 to 8 foot under a float.

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Here’s fishing guide, Bill Babler’s report from yesterday’s guide trip:

Just about as Cold as I have ever been on the water yesterday.

Started from Lilleys’ at 8 AM with Trever for some spin action below Fall Creek.  One generator running with the lake at 703.

Started out at Short Creek using jig and float with a ginger 1/2 micro jig and it was really good for about 2 passes.  That is when the wind started to howl up the river right out of the North.  Boat would not drift and just stall and want to spin in  the current and North wind.

Switched to a jig head with a piece of gulp PB and continued to catch some, not great, but we did catch one very nice extremely fat 18 inch brown trout, on the gulp.  Unusual for me.

Finished the day with crawler rigs and continued to get a bite here and there.  Probably about 30 fish on the morning on the combination of baits.

On another note, there is a log right in front of the condo’s just above Short Creek.  Have not noticed it before.  It is about 1/3 of the way across the lake right in front of the dock.  It is just maybe a foot under the water at 703 and it is a big solid piece of wood.  Just barley missed it with the trolling motor this morning and could not believe it but a guy came by and slammed it.  Lower unit shot out of the water, so this puppy is solid.  Watch out for it.

Here’s another fishing report by a fellow forum angler who fished this past weekend:

Made our yearly trip a few weeks early this year and had one of the more productive weekends yet.  Somehow last weekend chose to be 20s and 30s bracketed by 60s and I’m sure it was near 70 Sunday afternoon when we headed home.  Go figure, Missouri weather in February.

We all usually spin fish with ultralights from boats on our trips, and this year I continued my vow to fish jigs more, especially up from Fall Creek.  Friday and Saturday there was no generation, so the gravel bar just up from the creek claimed two of our props (Luckily not my new Optimax)  Stopped at the area just below this bar and threw a 1/8oz Gold cleo and 3/32oz brown/orange jig on 4# and 2# direct tie respectively.  Smaller rainbows on nearly every cast.  The fish would turn on and break the surface, sometimes jumping clear out of the water in this area and would bite for several minutes, then shut off for a few, but unlike the past years we’ve been down, they’d start right back up in just a few minutes again. 

Saturday morning I dared to make the run past the overhanging tree and up to what I think you all call the narrows and stopped there.  Again, no water flow so just trolled down the break from 2′ to 8′ of water throwing a straight tied 3/32 white jig this time and again did very well.  Others in our group threw cleos and also caught quite a few.

Sunday we had some generation, but not enough that the water level really came up much, at least I don’t think.  Made the run back up to the same spot and didn’t have as much luck with the white, but threw the orange and brown 1/8oz and caught/released a really nice 18″ brown among a good deal of very colorful and good fighting rainbows.  Came back to below the creek mouth and caught a few on a shallow diving, sinking countdown rainbow colored crankbait. 

All and all, a very productive weekend.  Was surprised we did well with no generation, but we’ll definitely take it.

And here’s a fly fishing report by long time guest and veteran fly angler, Edward Spence, who fished on Monday of this week:

There was no generation and I fished below the dam from 9:00 AM until about 11:30. I was the only fisherman not fishing with an indicator. I used a black woolly booger at the Rebar area at the edge of the deep hole. I had lot of strikes and couldn’t hook them. I finally caught two nice bows, a 13 inch and a 15 inch, and realized I was fishing with a barbless hook I had used on the White. I had two fish break me off, and lost several. I landed two more. All were rainbows between 13 and 16 inch. The indicator fishermen were catching only stockers bout 12 inches. I had one guy tell me he caught a lot of fish on an artificial hatchery fish pellet. I couldn’t believe it. What will they think of next? I guess there is a big difference between fishing and catching.

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