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Lilleys’ Lake Taneycomo fishing report, January 8, 2013

Posted by Phil Lilley on January 8th, 2013
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In this first fishing report of the year, I have to be honest and admit that I have not been fishing a great deal for the last month.  There is no real excuse except for just taking a break and being quite busy with family and resort stuff.

There has not been much generation, so little water flow if at all.  Table Rock Lake is very low, and temperatures have been rather mild.  There’s been a day or two since Christmas when a small amount of water has been run all day, but most of the time it’s off all day and all night.  The water temperature is 45 degrees, and the clarity is fair.  When Table Rock Lake turns over, it gets silty and dark and that’s what we get.  Water quality is good; dissolved oxygen is high.

Low water makes wade fishing below the dam popular, but the area hasn’t been too crowded at all.  During the week you almost have it to yourself.  There are a lot of rainbows in the first couple of miles of the lake, and they’re taking the usual flies:  midges, scuds, worms and streamers.

The Mega worm is reported to be a hot fly, especially around the outlets.  This is a yarn-type, fluffy white material that breathes real well in the water.  You can buy it at some fly shops or at Wal Mart.  It’s called baby blanket yarn.  Tie on a 3769 #10 hook.  You can see this white worm fly in the water, and when it disappears, set the hook.

Rusty and Primrose & Pearl midges, #16, have been hot as well as #16 brown, gray or tan scuds.  Cracklebacks or soft hackles have been good when there has been a chop on the water.

From Lookout down, throw either a marabou jig or fish one under a float.  I’ve done well using sculpin, olive/sculpin/ black, white or brown jigs either in 1/8th down to a 1/16th ounce —  if throwing straight–  or 1/80th to 1/125th ounce if under a float.  If you’re using a small jig under a float, try one with an orange head.  Micro jigs have only been fair; fishermen are faring better with a marabou.

If any water is running at all, try throwing a small to medium-size crank bait along the banks.  There are big schools of small bait fish hugging the banks around moss and structure.

Live bait:  Gulp eggs have been slow but live night crawlers and minnows have been good.  Some anglers this past weekend fished a while Gulp egg above a live night crawler and did well.  The best area has been just below Fall Creek down to Short Creek and then at the bend above Lilleys’ before the first docks on the opposite side.

To the delight of many, there are crappie to be caught on Lake Taneycomo.  Several places have held good schools of crappie including around the Fish House, the mouth of Turkey Creek, the mouth of the Branson City water intake between the railroad bridge and U.S. 65 Hwy bridge on the north side of the lake and at the waterfall across and down from Cooper Creek.  You’ll catch them on a jig and float, throwing a jig or running a swimming minnow through the area.  There is no size limit on crappie on Taneycomo but these crappie are good-sized anyway.  The daily limit is 30 per person.

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