Lake Taneycomo

Lilley’s Lake Taneycomo fishing report, November 10

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 10th, 2012
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Phil Lilley:
Water has been off for the of the week this week but running today (Saturday) and that’s been the pattern for several weeks. Why? I have no idea. Water temperature is holding about 48 degrees and water quality seems to be very good for this time of year.

I got out and fished a couple of days below the dam, wading and fishing the rebar area. This is a fast water chute about 800 yards below the cable where the channel changes from the north to south bank. At first appearance, the water in the chute appears to be shallow but if you look closely there are pockets of deeper water which are holding big trout. Plus all through the chute there are trout holding, they’re just hard to see. Drift a bug through this area and you’ll find out what’s there.

I fished several styles of scuds in the faster water and caught quite a few rainbows. I use weighted scuds, #12 in tan, gray and brown mainly. Caught fish on a ultra thin San Juan in red or white too. I try not to use any extra weight except for the weight of the flies. When using a San Juan, I’ll use the scud to weight it down. Making long drifts is the best way to maximize your drifts.

Fished the narrows below rebar too and did well. Smaller scuds and zebra midges. If there’s a wind and chop on the water, I used a #18 light colored soft hackle and caught rainbows and a few small browns stripping lower on the flat.

Got out again a couple of evenings this week, no generation, and fished the east gravel bank above Fall Creek and below the narrows using a rusty or primrose & pearl #16 zebra midge under a palsa 16 inches. The rainbows are really on this bank especially in the evenings feeding on midges. Catching was almost non stop both evenings I went. Most of the rainbows were between 11 and 13 inches but we had several about 15 inches. Lots of fun! Using 6x fluorocarbon tippet.

Darin Schildknecht:
The Southwestern Power Administration has not really been on a predictable schedule the last week or so. Some days the power generators are off all day, some days they are on all day, and sometimes on for a little bit and then off for a while in the same day. Yesterday it was on for three hours and then off for the rest of the day, today it is supposed to be on in the morning and off in the afternoon then back on in the evening.

Despite all of that the fishing has been good. I was out for most of the day yesterday with three other guys and we all caught fish. Early in the morning, the water was off, we did great on olive with copper head 1/256oz micro jig under a float set about four to five feet. The set up for these is very easy. On a spinning rod, a short section of two pound fluorocarbon is a must off of the main line with a float that has enough weight that you will be able to cast. On the fly rod it is similar only with a small Palsa or similar stick on indicator also set about four to five feet deep. 6x fluorocarbon tippet is also must to get bit. After we caught some fish on that we wanted to try something different so we changed to an Oregon Cheese or Pink Lady Miracle Fly. We fished these the same way and also did very well. This was all above Fall Creek out in front of Lookout.

Below Fall Creek, the bottom boundary of the trophy area, night crawlers is the best live bait along with Berkley’s Gulp and Paste powerbait. Our water is a little merky now so you can get away with using 4-pound line when using live bait. When generating, drift bait on the bottom using a drift rig. Also this week Trout Magnets in Pink, Cotton Candy, Salmon Fix, Sassy, or Bison under and EZ Float. These are fished under a float with a two to three foot section of Phantom 7x or 6x tippet.

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