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Lake Taneycomo fishing report, October 26

Posted by Darin Schildknecht on October 26th, 2012
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The Southwestern Power Administration has been back and forth the last few days on how many generators they are running. Earlier this week the ran one half of a generator all day but later this week they did not run any until noon or around two in the afternoon. Also, the recording at the dam which tells you how many are running has not been correct either.

Despite all of that the fishing has been good here on Taneycomo. There are a variety of ways that you can catch the fish whether on a spinning rod or a fly rod. Are you a sit and wait fisherman or are you an aggressive fisherman?

On Wednesday of this week I was boat fishing mainly below Fall Creek until they turned on the power generators. Below Fall Creek we caught them on a couple of things. First, we threw Trout Magnets under a float and caught a few fish. The best colors were Pink, Cotton Candy, Salmon Fix, and Sassy. When fishing these use about a two to three foot piece of 6x or 7x Phantom tippet. We also threw yellow and white Gulp or Powerbait on a drift rig. You can also use just a split shot and a #8 plain shank on four or two pound test line. Set this up with the split shot about two foot above the hook. The main area we fished with this is right in front of the Branson Landing down to Kanakuk Camps. We also went up into Roark Creek and caught all kinds of fish from bluegill to trout. Trout Magnets were the ticket up in there also. Crappie really liked Mealworm Gold color and the trout liked the Pink a little better.

After the generators were on we ran up to just behind the island across from the hatchery. I wasn’t sure if I could make it through rebar so that’s where I stopped. On our ultralight rods with four pound test line and a split shot about two feet above we used the Megadon worm in white and pink. Both colors produced fish about the same. Fishing these is really easy; just drag it on the bottom as you are drifting down the lake. We used these from the island all the way down to lookout.

On Thursday I guided with Duane Doty and his wife. We had seven guys from Kansas City and a couple were from Michigan. They had various experience and skill levels but they all did great. We started the day just below outlet two up in the trophy area and it was a little slow. The fish were eating a #18 Rusty or Harvester midge with a #14 or #16 gray scud all on Rio Flouroflex Plus 7x Tippet. The majority of the fish were around twelve to fourteen inches. After a great lunch of smoked salmon and brats we headed down towards Lookout. The generators were turned on so we shuttled everyone by boat over to Lookout Island to fish around it. The fishing really picked up. On the backside of the island they were hooking them great. We switched to just a #14 gray scud or sowbug and the fish tore it up. We did see a few big browns back there spawning also.

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