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23-inch brown on a hopper this evening

Posted by Phil Lilley on August 10th, 2012
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The wind was blowing this afternoon. It has been so calm all summer that when there’s a breeze, you take note… and head to the lake. Ryan and I did just that about 4 this afternoon. The Corp kicked on a half unit before 3 so it had been running a while when we got to the Rebar area below the dam.

We both threw a hopper till be got down to Trophy Run. Ryan picked up one small rainbow just up from the ramp. Had to call the hatchery on a couple of guys fishing at the Rocking Chair hole using worms. They even show us their stringer – full of large rainbows. Over limit, using bait and keeping fish in the slot. Man I hate to see that many nice rainbows taken out of the lake below the dam. I asked him if he knew the fishing rules, he said no. I told him briefly what they were and they were in violation. He baited his hook and the other guy reeled another one in. John at the hatchery said he would go and ask them to release their illegal fish… and call the agent if he needed to. I texted the agent but got no reply.

ANYHOW!! We drifted down lake with little success. We both gave in and started throwing jigs. Ryan was doing real well using a sculpin/orange with an orange head 3/32nd ounce marabou jig. He could see the trout come up and chase the jig till they took it.

As we neared the Narrows and what I planned on being the end of our excursion, a trout came up and snarfed what looked to be a hopper off the surface above a submerged log. Ryan still had a hopper on his fly rod. I’d tied a micro jig on mine so I told him to grab his as I worked back up to the spot using the trolling motor.

He casted twice above the log but the current was pulling the hopper through the area too fast. Normally you only get a couple of chances at getting the presentation right on these fish, then they get spooked and won’t take. I wanted to show Ryan how to cast so that the hopper would fall flat with slack and mend so that the hopper would drift freely over the targeted area. It worked.

The brown’s head and most of his back came out of the water as he inhaled the hopper. I set the hook and exclaimed to Ryan this should have been his fish… dang it! But he really didn’t mind. He said several times his presentation wasn’t right.

Video shows the landing, pictures show the fish and more video shows the release.

Good afternoon… I’m wondering if the next 6 weeks will only get better with browns moving up into the trophy area to spawn this fall. Hummmm….

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