Lake Taneycomo

Another large rainbow caught on Lake Taneycomo

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 30th, 2012
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Gerry Dwiggins and Tom Burckhardt are two very good friends of mine.  They’ve been fishing Taneycomo for as many years as we’ve been down here, I pretty sure longer.  I met them while fishing the trout tournaments held at the old Main Street and Branson Trout Dock Marinas.  In those tournaments and in our winter trout tournaments now, they show up at the top of the standings more times than naught.  When they asked me to go fishing with them this morning before they headed back home, I said SURE!!

We started fishing at Lookout Island.  They both are excellent jig fishermen and that’s what we were throwing.  Tom threw a jig-and-float a little but most of the time we all threw jigs straight, no float.  I took my rod and one jig, a 3/32nd-ounce brown/orange/brown head I had tied on to the line from the last time I was out.  I figured I’d bum a jig off them if I lost it.

We caught trout all the way down the lake.  Running one unit this morning, the float was perfect for throwing a jig.

Got down past narrows and the last stretch before Fall Creek when I set the hook on a fish directly in front of the old Fall Creek ramp.  It immediately came up and shook close to the surface.  We all three had the same reaction… “Oh my God!  That’s a huge fish!!”

Gerry handled the boat perfectly and I landed the rainbow right at the gravel bar at Fall Creek.  Gerry has a large net but it almost wouldn’t fit.  Tom took video which I haven’t looked at yet… but will get it on Youtube shortly.

Snapped a few pics and got her back in the lake.  She swam off strong.

I marked my spinning rod to get her length – 29 inches.  She may go 12 or 13 pounds… I’ll let the picture tell that story.

To date, this is my largest rainbow caught in Lake Taneycomo.  What a beautiful fish!  Thank you Lord Jesus!!

The Jig… and rod :)

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