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Lilleys’ Lake Taneycomo fishing report, May 18

Posted by Phil Lilley on May 18th, 2012
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This is Phil Lilley with the Lake Taneycomo fishing report.  With little rain in the past several weeks, generation has been kept at a minimum.  It has varied each day with short periods of no generation, but some water  has been running most days and nights.  If you look at the charts, you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Trout really don’t like it when water flows are so erratic, but “catching” has been very good, according to our fishing guides.

Guides Bill Babler and Kris Nelson have both called in fishing reports in the last couple of days to OzarkAnglers.Com.  You can listen to both Kris’s and Bill’s reports by clicking the link on their names in bold.

A gentleman here at the resort yesterday told me that he had caught more than 50 rainbows off our dock in the last three days.  Our water is very clear now and will stay clear through the summer.  You can see the bottom even in 10 feet of water out in front of our dock, so using light line such as two- or four-pound test is crucial.  Consider using fluorocarbon, at least on the end of your line.  Time and time again, using fluorocarbon has proven to be effective in fooling more fish in clear water situations.

Babler reports that his clients are catching nice-sized rainbows using a jig-and-float combination.  He’s using a micro jig, ginger color, under a float five feet deep.  He’s also using pink/white Trout Magnets under a float five feet deep and fishing the area between Fall Creek and our dock.  Quite a few 15 to 18 inch rainbows are being caught right now.  Not sure where they’ve been all spring, but they’ve come out of hiding for the summer season, I guess.

Here at Lilleys’ Landing, we have ordered the Trout Magnet products and expect to get them in next week.  If you’re coming in to fish before then, check at your Walmart stores before you come, because our local stores are out of Trout Magnets.

Bill is also doing extremely well using night crawlers from Fall Creek down, catching quite a few brown trout, although no keepers (20 inches or bigger) have been landed.

I saw something unusual yesterday — a boat out in front of the resort with two men catching trout. That’s not unusual in itself but how and in what conditions made it noticeable to me.  There was no wind, but a bright sun and slick water surface, and they were throwing and retrieving rooster tails and doing rather well.  I didn’t see them keep any, so I’m assuming they were catching enough rainbows to pick and chose what they wanted to keep.

Here’s two more reports that you should read.  They’re from the forum:

Kelly Stammer, Parsons, KS.  Twelve guys ventured forth to Lilleys’ Landing for the 22nd straight year of the Parsons Nazarene Church’s annual Men’s Ministries trout trip. We arrived at noon on Thursday and fished until noon on Sunday. ( It only falls on Mother’s Day weekend every few years).

Anyway, aside from enjoying the usual great time at Phil’s place, we caught a ton of trout. All in all we caught more than 1,200 trout with an even 30 of them being browns (19 inches was the largest –brown and rainbow).

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Duane Doty of  Branson West, MO, reported —  Yesterday afternoon, a friend (Matt) called and explained he was going to the Kenai Peninsula in mid-June and wanted some advice on how to fish and what to fish with. I thought it was best for him to just meet me down at Taney to give him some flies that I like to use in Alaska and teach him how to “Chuck and Duck” (one of the easiest and most productive ways to fish in Alaska).

We met at the Pavilion parking lot just after noon and visited for a while. There was 1/2 unit running and the water was at a perfect flow for “chucking and ducking.”  The flow was very similar to many of the rivers I fish in Alaska. I decided it was best to just head over to Lilleys’ Landing to get my buddy set up with all the line and terminal tackle he would need. We walked in the door and Darin was there to help. He knew right where the 20# Amnesia line, Lead Master Pliers, Pencil Lead, size 10 Barrel Swivels and Snap Swivels, 2x and 5x tippet was and had us out the door in less than 10 minutes with everything Matt needed for “Chucking and Ducking.”

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