Lake Taneycomo

Fishing Knee Deep In A Lake Full Of “Moon Shine”

Posted by Duane Doty on May 6th, 2012
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After “Date Night” last night, DDsMC (my MonaChari) and I met up with Laker67 (Rick) for late night fishing under the “Super Moon” on Upper Lake Taneycomo. We met Rick down at the pavilion around 10pm, and visited for a while before gearing up. After catching up on everything we had done all winter, and reminiscing over old stories and the people we used to see down on the lake late at night, we decided to get on the water.

The moon was unbelievable last night. There’s was a fog lifting above the water and it was so bright that you could see details of footprints on the bank without turning on a light. They were supposed to be generating 1/2 unit all night, but the water was all the way off.

MonaChari and I started with white mink sculpins and fished closed to outlet 1. MonaChari was the first one to hook up, and as a matter of fact, the only one catching fish for quite a while. I tried changing colors, used different stripping techniques and could only manage a few short strikes. MonaChari’s 3rd fish was the best one of the night, being a healthy 19 inch Bow.

After Rick and I got tired of getting skunked and watching MonaChari catching all the fish, we decided to move up to the flats between outlets 1 and 2. I changed back to the white mink sculpin and on my first cast, caught a fish. Finally got the skunk off my back. I started picking up quite a few fish, and thought I was doing pretty good then things just stopped for me. Not the case for MonaChari. Rick had even put his rod down and was on the bank watching her fish, trying to learn her retrieval technique, He kept hollering over to me “Duane, she’s got another!”. Dang! I was being out fished by a “Girl”!

We quit fishing about 1:30 am. I think ended up with 9 or 10 fish and MonaChari probably had double that to hand. We started chatting with Rick again under the pavillion and before we knew it, it was 3am. Had a great night being out fished by my wife and a nice visit with a good friend, enjoying some “Moon Shine”.

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