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New Member To The Strippers Club

Posted by Duane Doty on May 5th, 2012
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Phil and I Inducted a new member into the club last night. It was Ryan’s 5th time fly fishing and his first time stripping streamers at night.

At first, things seemed to be against Ryan’s conversion to the Dark Side. Ryan and I arrived at the parking lot only to realize he had forgotten his waders. After a quick run back to the house for the waders we met with Phil. Phil had been tied up at a lengthy staff meeting. In a last minute decision, he chose to forego waders and went for some wet wading. We were all back in the game.┬áTurns out the water took a little longer to drop, so we really did not miss any action.

We started on the flats between outlet one and two, where I had picked up some good fish the night before. We were throwing black pine squirrel sculpins. I spent some time with Ryan, working on his cast and retrieve. It was not long until we started getting into a few fish. Nothing too hot and heavy, so we started changing colors. We found the white mink sculpins were catching the most fish.

At first, Phil said the water was not too bad……I knew better. There was no way that I could have wet waded last night. He lasted about an hour or so before admitting he was getting cold. I got to give him credit….he lasted alot longer than I would have. Ryan and I hung around the flats just a little longer, picking up a few more fish, then moved on down below the rebar hole.

Ryan was really starting to get the hang of this night fishing. We both picked up 8 or 10 fish down there. Around 1 am, we decided we would call it quits after one more fish. Well, that last fish took 45 minutes to catch. The moon was fantastic last night and the fog coming off the water was spectacular!

I think Ryan will be back as a full pledged member to the Lake Taneycomo Strippers Club!

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