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Lilleys’ fishing report, March 23, 2012

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 23rd, 2012
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The national weather service predicted early this week we’d get 8 inches of rain.  They were only half right, thankfully.  It did send a scare through the fishing community==we received lots of calls and emails from concerned guests and anglers here at Lilleys’ Landing.  But worrying doesn’t change anything–we trust the Lord is everything we do and even the weather so whatever comes we’ll handle it the best way we can.

Four inches of rain did cause our lakes to rise from 4 to 6 feet, depending on what lake you look at.  Beaver and Table Rock have come up about 4 feet each while Bull Shoals is up over 5 feet and rising.  Both Table Rock and Beaver have crested.  Beaver and Bull Shoals are holding their water for now while Table Rock is running 4 units at almost full capacity around the clock.  I’d imagine they’ll keep up this pace till Table Rock’s levels drop back close to power pool (915.0) which may be a week or two.

Constant generation is some respects is a good thing.  Trout move from place to place when water generation varies during the day and in my experience, they don’t bite when they’re moving.  They have one spot they like when the water is running and then move to their low water spot when it drops.  Now that the water is running the same all the time, they are more apt to bite most of the time.  Getting a lure or bait to them with a good presentation is the trick.

Drifting bait seems to be the best way to catch a limit of rainbows right now, although with the new high water conditions, the trout have been hesitant.  Our guides have been drifting from 1/4 mile above Lilleys’ Landing down past Cooper Creek using Gulp eggs, one white and either one pink or one yellow egg on a hook.  They’re using 1/4 ounce weight to get the bait down on a drift rig.  They’re also staying in the middle of the lake, not on the side where you’ll get snagged.

We’ll be heading to the dam and trying it up there this weekend and will report back what we find.  John Sappington said this morning that they drifted scuds and egg flies for the first mile below and dam and they would catch 2 or 3 on each drift but came down to this stretch close to the resort because it was too slow.  We’ll see.

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