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Duane’s day out

Posted by Duane Doty on March 4th, 2012
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Took a buddy fly fishing on Upper Lake Taneycomo today. This was only his second time fly fishing, and we were working on sight fishing techniques. He was using a white chamois worm and I was trying out Megadon, the white mega worm today.

We started working the shallow bank below outlet two down to the stairs looking for fish and casting to the ones we could see. This was tough today due to all the wind. The water surface was rippled bad and it was hard to make the fish out. We could make out a few shadows here and there, so we would lightly toss the worms in the general vicinity of the shadows. It was a little easier to see the white worms under the water and we would just let them sink to the bottom and sit. After sitting for two or three seconds, we would just give it a twitch and let it sit again. Sure enough, after a twitch or two the worm would disappear. Set the hook, and fish on!

We picked up several fish each down the bank and then headed to the riffle above rebar. We would just let the worm roll over the edge of the shoal there and as soon as it was in deeper water, fish would pick it up. My buddy stayed at the shoal for a while and I moved down to in front of the tree. I picked up a few more fish there, then spotted a big boy laying just behind that little shoal. Worked him a couple of times to no avail, then my buddy hollered at me. I headed back up to him to make sure everything was alright,.

Seems another gentleman had caught a decent sized fish and wanted to measure it. He was sure it was over 20″ and this being his 1st time fly fishing, wanted to take it home. I told him I did not have a tape measure but was pretty sure it was under 20″. I then told him that I did have a dollar bill and that was 6 inches, so using that we could get a rough estimate of how big it really was. He agreed, so out came the cash. The fish was 1/2 inch over 3 bills long…..not quite 20″ Great fish for first time fly fishing though.

After that little fiascle, I headed back to the toad I had seen earlier. I caught another flash of him and started making drifts down into his lair with “Megadon” the white mega worm. On the 3rd or 4th drift, the worm vanished from sight and the line went tight! Just a few minutes later, a couple of pictures and the pig was release back to the water to battle again. After that nice one, we headed to the flats between one and two and fished the shallows there. Both of us picked up 5 or 6 more fish each then at 6 p.m. the water was turned on and our game was over.

Had a great day out there and my buddy, Ryan, seems to be a natural at this fly fishing thing.

Tim Homesly………Megadon works very well!

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