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Lilleys’ fishing report, 3/1/12

Posted by Darin Schildknecht on March 1st, 2012
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The Corps of Engineers and the Southwestern Power Administration has been sticking pretty close to their projected generation schedule. They have been running two to three units in the morning until about noon and then no units until five or six in the evening. This has been great for everyone, the boat fishermen and the wade fisherman.

I fished earlier this week when there was no power generation up by the dam. There were quite a few people up there because of the great weather. The fishing was good all around. I fished many different flies starting with the Miracle Fly. I fish this on 5x fluorocarbon tippit under a palsa and deep enough where the fly is on the bottom. The strike are soft and very fast, the fish sometimes don’t even move the palsa so if you can see your fly that is a big plus. I also fished a #16 rusty midge. This is fished in a similar was but on 6x fluorocarbon tippit under a palsa but in the middle of the water column, most of the time twelve to eighteen inches deep. The strikes on this are much easier to see because the fish take the palsa completely under when the bite. At the end of the day I decided to throw a sculpin pattern in a gold variant color just for a little bit. This is fished like a woolly bugger with short fast strips allowing the fly to jump across the bottom. On the first cast it got hammered. It was about a twenty inch male rainbow with part of one gill plate missing.

I fished from the wire all the way down to rebar and caught fish all the way down. The most fish came from just above outlet two in the channel on the Miracle Fly. I did catch a lot of fish in the shallow water across from outlet two and they were very actively feeding on the Miracle Fly. When fishing in the really shallow water you have to adjust your palsa according to the depth of the water.

The jig fishing has been good too. Sculpin, black, and sculpin and ginger jigs have been producing well jigging them off of the bottom. Today it was so windy it was hard to feel or see the bites because the line had such a big bow in it. A jig and float was easier to catch them on because of the float.

Fishing below Fall Creek has been good also. Powerbait or Gulp in white plus orange or chartreuse has been doing very well. Fishing this is very simple. Use a drift rig and let it drag on the bottom. Also trolling gold countdown Rapalas has been producing good fish.

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