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Fishing Buddy Report

Posted by Bob Whenert on February 9th, 2012
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I took advantage of Phil’s great Fishing Buddy offer last week to get in a few extra days of fishing before the RAW tournament. After launching the Gator Monday afternoon I headed right to one of my usual good spots that turn up a pretty good fish or two. No such luck this time, but I did catch 3 or 4 12 to 14 inch stockers. All on black 1/8 ounce jigs as the water was running fairly hard. I also hit Monkey Island for a while, and caught a few more, with most being even smaller. I did catch one 12 inch Brown just below the island.

Tuesday was much the same. I switched up size and color, but was still catching the same size of fish. From Monkey Island to Branson Landing, and down to the Taneycomo Trout Resort area. Now woth a 3/32 oz sulpin/olive jig, and similar results. A lot of 10 inch fish, and few in the 12 to 14 inch range. I did catch two more browns in the 14 to 15 inch size around Monkey Island, and the bridges. I haven’t caught a Brown in a couple years, not even small ones, but last week I must have caught seven!

Tuesday Evening I was back to my favorite area, and still without success in finding trout of tournament size.

Wednesday I tried going up to Fall Creek, and fish the heavy current in the morning. Bouncing sculpin/olive 1/8 oz jigs on the bottom, but had little success. I hit a few more spots, and found I could catch one or two fish in the 12 to 114 inch range, but no big concentrations anywhere. Monkey Island was probably the best. I tried behind the island for several drifts on a tip, but turned up nothing.
Thursday afternoon when the water slowed some I finally caught a couple decent fat 16 inch bows on a 1/32 oz white jig cast to within 10 feet of the bank along the steep bluff across from Lilleys. Thought I had something going, but it slowed up after the first two, and two more Browns.

Friday I had a bit of running around to do with my friends who arrived Wednesday, and Thursday, so I only got to fish Friday afternoon. With 4 guys in the boat, and two of them fishing bait it was a bit harder to fish, but we did catch a lot of fish. Mostly small, but enough keepers for a fish fry Friday night.

Saturday, tournament day was a complete change of most of my week. 0 generation all day, heavy rains Friday night, and chilly temperatures with an overcast sky. I continued to hit the places I fished all week, but with smaller jigs, and some jig and float. Not a very good strategy, and a disappointing 6.22 pounds at the weigh in. We¬†almost¬†went up to Fall Creek and Short Creek, but didn’t. Then found out that that was where most of the bigger fish came from….Go figure.

Oh well, a great week in Branson, and fishing on Taneycomo anyway. Always fun to take the Gator out for a crawl in the middle of the Winter! Thanks Phil for such a great deal.

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