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Low Water on Taneycomo – November, 2011

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 10th, 2011
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Here are a few pictures of the Taneycomo’s upper lake during this past week.  The lake is drawn down because of work being done at Powersite Dam.

The following 4 images are taken from a boat heading down lake from what we call the Narrows, a section on the lake about 3/4 mile above Fall Creek where the channel is very narrow.

View from the west bank just below the Narrows showing the gravel bar and water flowing down the east side.  The water is running about 20 mw or about 1/4 of a unit at this time.

Closer view of the bottom area of the Narrows.

Looking down from the west bank towards Fall Creek.

This is looking down the Fall Creek boat ramp (which is closed), a few hundred yards above the mouth of Fall Creek, west bank.

View from Lookout (Highway 165) looking down lake towards Fall Creek.

View from Lookout (Highway 165) looking down and slightly up lake.

View from Lookout (Highway 165) looking up lake towards Table Rock Dam.  This is Lookout Island.  Pointe Royale is seen on the opposite bank (condos).

Rebar area just about 1/2 mile down from Table Rock Dam.  The level of the lake here isn’t affected by the draw down because this bar actually holds the water back.

This is a view from a top of Table Rock Dam.  Note they are working on moving rocks to the lake on the left bank.  This is part of the habitat work MDC is doing on the upper reaches of Lake Taneycomo.

Closer view.

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