Lake Taneycomo

Fish Habitat Work on Lake Taneycomo – November, 2011

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 10th, 2011
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Taking the boulders off the bank and setting them in the lake so it would be easier to, then, take them to the spots picked out by MDC officials.

Boulders being set in the lake at key spots, grouped in clusters of 3.  One lead rock was set in front of the other 2, forming a triangle.  The idea is that the flow of current will carve out an impression behind the rocks.  This will give trout a place to hide and hold when the water is running, or when it is not.

The machine interrupted fishing for the waders at hatchery outlet #2 for a while… it was too deep for it to swing out past the outlet flow.  Didn’t bother the fish much though.

Rocks were placed just down from hatchery outlet #2 out in the “float line” of the outlet.  The rocks were set in clusters all the way down to the TU steps just up from hatchery outlet #3.

This is a view from on top of Table Rock Dam.  You can see the white rocks placed in the lake both on the right and lift side.

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