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October 26 Fishing Report

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 26th, 2018


Considering all things, I don’t think you can ask for better fishing conditions on our lake this fall.  Lake Taneycomo, a tail water, is subject to low oxygen conditions because it is a tailwater.  We get our water from the depths of Table Rock Lake where the dissolved oxygen bottoms out this time of year.  But when the water is run through Table Rock Dam, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers adds liquid oxygen to the water in the turbines, bringing the oxygen levels up to fish-livable levels.  But in our present case, our lake water continues to register at high levels of oxygen.  Just today we measured 8.0 parts per million — which is incredibly high.  Our water temperature remains low, which is also helpful, at 53 degrees. read more…

August 1 fishing report

Posted by Phil Lilley on August 1st, 2018

With the cool down in our weather this past week, generation patterns had changed a bit on Lake Taneycomo.  Dam operators were only running water in the afternoon for a couple of hours and then less than a full unit.  And then the weather changed again.  With warmer temperatures, they ran all four units on Wednesday late afternoon for three hours. That really was a good thing because it cleaned out the upper end of the lake of floating dead algae which has built up over the past week.  What they are going to do now with generation is anyone’s guess. read more…

July 20th fishing report

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 20th, 2018

 IMG_3884 (2).JPG

Bill Babler – It’s been a fantastic week outside the restricted area from Fall Creek thru Monkey Island.  Wednesday, and Thursday 1 unit was flowing early and it set up for an ideal Powerworm bite. Yesterday I had Shirley Fitzpatrick and her friend Ray.  These mature fishermen caught and released over 50 rainbows and the big gal you see pictured with Shirley. read more…

June 16th fishing report

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 16th, 2018


Generation has been almost exactly the same every day since my last report two weeks ago.  There has been no generation in the morning, up to about 2 p.m., then the current builds to almost four full units for three to five  hours. It has gradually been slowed to zero generation which then lasts through the night.  Sundays is the only variation, when two units are run  instead of four.  Water temperature is holding at 48 degrees and becoming very clear.  Duane Doty spotted a sculpin on the bottom of the lake in 10 feet of water from our dock this morning. read more…

Taneycomo – Jerk Baits

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 16th, 2018


by Ryan Miloshewski ~~ Going after big fish on Taneycomo is a challenge, but I think I’m close to getting it narrowed down. I spent a week on Taney last week and fished three ways, exclusively–dragging cranks (which Duane and I have written about), jigs, and throwing jerkbaits. Jerkbaits produced the biggest fish this time around. read more…