Lake of the Ozarks

New Years Eve Crappie

Posted by Phil Lilley on January 3rd, 2017
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A buddy and I put in at Coffman Beach on the Gravois and fished within a few miles each way of the ramp and caught 60-70 fish, but fell two short of our two man limit. Size was smaller than our previous trip. Most were 9-10″ and only had a couple over 12″. Biggest was a 13.5″ black.

Lots of boats on the water so I think a lot of my normal docks had already been hit that day before we got there so we ended up doing some searching for new water. Most of our keepers came from a couple docks. If your first few fish were shorts, you may as well move on because it most likely wasn’t going to produce any keepers. Blue ice and blue/white were best colors in the clear water. Never could quite pin point if they were hanging up shallow under docks or deeper as we seemed to catch them both ways. Some were on the edge of the docks and some were way up under.

My buddy caught several bass on a jerkbait throwing it on rock banks in between docks. Nothing very big. We did have a boat of three or four guys come trolling by tossing A-rigs and we saw them catch what looked like a 3-4 pound largemouth off of the dock next to us.



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