Lake of the Ozarks

Weekend report

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 30th, 2016
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Wanted to let you guys know how the rest of the weekend went. Apologize for not getting it out sooner. Hopefully something can help someone else. 

I fished all weekend, (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) but not all day. Mainly from about 8-1 or so.

Fished main lake around MM28 or 29 I think it was, and then Linn Creek. Water temps were 58-60 pretty consistently.

Best bait for me was a buzzbait with swimbait trailer around docks  near points and secondary points. Also got some on rocky points. I tried a Spinnerbait but could never get one on it. I found a few on a Keitech on a jighead as well. I’d be curious to hear any ideas why I couldn’t get a bite on the Spinnerbait, with the buzzbait working so well. They are obviously focused on bait.

Thank you for the suggestions and help. I won’t soon forget that big bucket mouth that went almost 6lbs Thanksgiving morning.




All the shad were either on the surface or deep in the channels with not much in between on the lower end – had to go deep or shallow.  I was not bass fishing but picked up a few working channel breaks..


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