Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks fishing report

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 13th, 2013
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by MOsmallies of OAforum.  Just got back from the lake where I spent the weekend chasing bass while most must have been in the tree stands. We only saw 3 or 4 boats all weekend and at least one was duck hunting. Weather was beautiful with mornings in the 50’s and afternoons in the mid 60’s. Wind was present all weekend but not overly strong. Water temps ranged from 59-61 all weekend. Our place is at the 25 mile marker so we spent most of our time fishing the 25 and 26 mm. I didn’t hammer ‘em by any means, but caught enough to keep it interesting.

Got down on Friday (11/8) around 3:30 pm and messed around in our cove for the last hour of daylight. First thing I noticed was exceptional water clarity for LOZ… 3-4 foot visibility. Caught 3 shorts on a 3/8 oz Black Revenge Buzzbait all off dock corners in the back of the cove. Water temps were right at 60 degrees.

Saturday the same pattern held true except location didn’t really seem matter. Caught some on mainlake docks, some on secondary point docks, and some on docks in the backs of coves… but all were caught targeting the dock corners with the 3/8 oz Black Buzzbait or a 3/8 oz White War Eagle Spinnerbait. Water temps ranged from 59-61 degrees. Caught 9 on Saturday with 7 shorts (12″-14.5″) and 2 keeper spots (15″ and 15.75″). I jumped a 3.5 lb largemouth off at the boat on the Spinnerbait. He slammed it on a secondary point and ran right at me. By the time I caught up, he jumped and spit it. Oh Well… at least I got a look him.





Knowing they were focused on shad around docks, I wanted to give some custom hand poured swimbaits that i received from fellow OAF’er, Danger Close, a try on Sunday. We only had a few hours to fish before we had to get on the road, so I tied on a Picasso School-E-Rig Bait Ball Jr. and rigged 5 of them up. Let me start by saying the action and durability of these swimbaits were impressive! Mike does some awesome work and is a great guy on top of it. Within the first 5 minutes, I had my biggest fish for the weekend in the boat… a Spot that smoked the middle Swimbait as I slowed rolled it about 3 feet under the surface in front of a mainlake dock. Water temp was 59 degrees and the dock sat in about 15 foot of water. It was a toad Spot for LOZ from my experience. I had 4 more good hits on the A-rig, but couldn’t hook up. I watched several fish swim out and nip at the rig, but they wouldn’t commit. In hind sight, I should have probably switched to some smaller “Keitech FAT Swing Impact” type swimbaits that Mike also sent me. They would have better matched the hatch as all the shad i saw were about 2.5″ to 3″ long. I finished off the morning with one more short on an Omega Jig off some rip rap behind a dock.

rsz_1img_0370.jpg  rsz_1img_0363.jpg

All in all, It was an awesome weekend with good buddy of mine, cold drinks, beautiful weather, delicious food, and a few fish mixed in. Looking forward to getting after it again on Thanksgiving weekend. As a side note, I tossed a 1/16th oz Chartreuse and White roadrunner around for Crappie for a little bit, but only caught a few small bass.


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