James River

Blunk to McCords bend Wednesday 03.08.17

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 9th, 2017
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Launched the ATAK at Blunks late this morning. Floated to the bend and paddled back. Fishing was good, I don’t remember there being as many Spots in there as I saw today. 

Obviously the river is super low. Clear-ish and surface temp was hovering between 54-55F. Saw a large pod of whites at the bend, and a huge walleye in the pool just below the ramp at Blunks. Huge..Crept up on a LM that was sunning on the light gravel in about 2ft of water. It’s always cool to watch fish and how they react and interact with their surroundings..

Caught a ton of spots and several good smallmouth, mostly on the Ned in green pumpkin and PBJ. Threw a streamer ( Ryan’s Simple Bunny) for a while, and caught a nice spot and a smallie.

I spent 20 minutes talking to the farmer that owns the land on the east side of the river, he’s worried about the water levels and how much stuff is gonna come at him if we get a good rain. He also said that if the water stays low he won’t have to deal with as many folks trashing his gravel bar…On that point we agreed….

If you read my White Bass posts last year, you’ll appreciate this: I am seeing dogwoods and red buds blooming, saw a Tom (or a  jake most likely) strutting this morning, and have yet to keep a white bass..I know they are moving on other rivers, and we found a decent pod of them earlier in the week at Walnut Springs, but if we were going by old wives tales, they should be in full reproduction mode right about now..Proof positive that we are having a very, very strange spring…

Free. The. Fighter!

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