James River

Personal Best Below Springfield Dam

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 21st, 2016
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Got off work earlier than usual tonight, so I decided to go poke around Lake Springfield. Boy, am I glad I made that decision! I wasn’t expecting much, just wanted to get my mind off some things, and it was well worth it. I fished along with a ned rig for a bit, couple of bites, pulled in one very small bass, but surprisingly little action. So I decided to change it up.

I tied on a 1/4 ounce jighead with a 2.5″ mister twister sassy shad, and slow-rolled/bounced it along the bottom. Maybe 10 casts and I hooked into this guy. I don’t have a scale, but I figure this fish is probably in the neighborhood of 6 pounds, and is by far my new personal best! Let it go, and proceeded to catch about a 3 pounder a few minutes later. Seemed small in comparison. It was a great night!


On a side note, I was surprised at how cool the water was. Warm in some places, but surprisingly cool for the heat we had today. Water is also a bit higher than normal. All three bass were shallow, I don’t think any more than 3 feet, close to the weeds in the eddy maybe +-50 yards below the dam. Also saw somebody catch a gar on what was either cut or live bait.

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