James River

Nice trip but short

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 19th, 2016
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Last Tuesday (07-12-16) at this time my son and I were floating from Hootentown to Ponce. Gage height at Galena was about 4.6 and the water had a nice emerald color. We got on the water about 7:30 and I had my first smallmouth at 7:45. We got in about two hours of fishing and then the rain started. We waited for about an hour of what we thought was a little squaw passing through but that wasn’t the case. So we started paddling for the take out (wasn’t sure how fast the river would change, it was raining hard). However, fishing was great with plenty of action. Caught¬†¬†several smallies in the 12″ range, one 16″er, a nice little fat largemouth, some rockbass and a catfish all on a Square Bill 1.0. Really enjoyed this short float and will make a point to get back to it. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks again to all who contributed to my inquiries on the James.






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