James River

Catfish Fishin’

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 3rd, 2016
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cat 2.jpg

A short report…. I was going to go fishing on Friday but then it rain on Thursday.  By Saturday the river was going down, but rain was on it’s way Saturday morning….. I went anyway. Rained on me most of the morning. I thought I was going smallmouth fishing but as you can see by the pictures I guess I went catfish fishing. I can’t seem to catch a fish when it’s raining, before or after yes, but not during. I’ve tried noisy baits, fishing slower but no luck. Maybe I should try topwater. I caught fish but the 2 biggest were catfish.

The pictures are of two different cats. They maybe related, they live in the Ozarks, that why they look alike. I caught them both on a baby bass crankbait. The first one hit my lure and took off upstream while I was in the current going down stream. I let her run a little while I paddled, one handed towards the bank, where I bailed out, almost loosing my paddle, and fought the fish. I’m glad no one was around. It wasn’t very graceful. Caught smallmouths, two cats, one crappie and pumpkinseeds. No goggle eyes.  When I took out there were 10-12 canoes/kayaks waiting to put in. I couldn’t get out very much and works the holes but still great day on the river. Took a few pictures and released  them all to fight again…..



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