Huzzah and Courtois Creeks are tributaries of the mighty Meramec River, all known for smallmouth bass. Al Agnew, smallmouth angler and wildlife artist, contributes fishing and floating information for these waters as well as reports.

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Huzzah & Courtois Report, June 7-8

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 9th, 2016

I floated the Huzzah on 6/7 and the Courtois 6/8. Put in at Huzzah Valley and floated down the Scotia the first day. Fishing started slow and I was only picking up fish on the Ned rig. Water was still fairly swift so I was only finding bass around wood with little to no current. Tried a buzzbait and a fluke with no bites. Later on I decided to ditch the buzz and put a spinnerbait on and started catching immediately.  Ended up catching around 20 bass, still in the areas will little to no current. Some came from deep holes around large trees, but most were alone laydowns on the bank. I was fishing the spinner just under the surface and the bass would come from under the logs and nail it. I wasn’t burning it but I wasn’t slow rolling it either. Steady retrieve. Any pauses seemed to cause trailing fishing to turn away.  Nothing over 14 inches but a fun day.

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A Couple Days on the Huzzah, June 2-3

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 4th, 2016

I managed to get over to the upper Huzzah for Thursday and Friday. I’ve gotten plenty of time in the Ozarks this spring/early summer, and plenty of fishing in, but this was the first time for awhile I got to take a couple days, check out a new stretch of creek, and really put in some hours on the water. I ended up over at Red Bluff on Thursday morning with a kayak and some vague plans for a quick (because the water, while crystal clear, was up and moving at a pretty good clip) 8ish mile float, but for reasons that aren’t worth going into that never materialized. Luckily, there is no shortage of water that is reachable from Red Bluff to a wade fisherman who is willing to bust a little brush, so it didn’t turn out to be much of a problem. read more…

What water level is wade-able?

Posted by Phil Lilley on May 19th, 2016

Was wondering if anyone knew what water level is still wadeable at Huzzah/Courtois creeks, specifically around Huzzah Conservation Area. I see the gauge for the Huzzah at Steelville/Hwy8, but that’s the closest to the conservation area I can find, and like said, it’s restricted to just the Huzzah. That being said, the level for that gauge shows it’s at 5 feet and most likely slowly dropping, while discharge is at 700 cfs and most likely dropping as well. At the same time I don’t know how accurate that is since it doesn’t seem to suggest it rained at all around there, the past few days, judging by the graph showing the levels of precipitation being 0 ever since May 12, and yet I’m pretty sure the recent storms passed over them to some degree. If I take those readings at face value, would it be wadeable, and if not, what water levels and discharge rates would be wadeable? read more…

Winter fishing Huzzah/Courtois?

Posted by Phil Lilley on January 6th, 2016

Just spent 20-30 minutes writing a more detailed post just to find out I got logged off somehow and the entire thing I wrote just disappeared with the wind. So this time I’ll try to keep it short and simple. What kind of success fishing either or both of those creeks would one stand from the bank if they were to go there today/tomorrow(Wednesday). Judging by gauge information water is supposed to be around 4 feet high, and hovering in the low 40’s. I plan on trying fishing from Huzzah CA, from the bank with some mild shallow wading, if I go. What species could I expect to catch at this time, and how good would I have to be to coax them into biting a lure of some sort.  read more…

Huzzah Creek Fishing Report – October 9, 2011

Posted by Ozark Trout Fisher on April 13th, 2012

Huzzah Creek

I decided I needed to try some place a little different today, somewhere that I hadn’t fished before…I ended up deciding on Huzzah Creek. After pouring over my DeLorme atlas for a little while, I found a good access and headed that direction. When I got there I was struck by how pretty a little stream this was. I know that it gets mercilessly pounded by floaters during the summer, but when I got there today, the access was all but empty, the hillsides were painted yellow and red, and the stream was gin clear and a little green-colored in the deep holes, just like an Ozark creek ought to be in October. I rigged up with a #10 BH Olive Woolly, started wading upstream. It wasn’t long until I had my first smallie. read more…