Hunt turned to mushrooms

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 28th, 2016
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On Sunday I went out for small game or a possible fall turkey with my daughter. We went to a close by national forest land. We found a small herd of cattle with at least one mature bull in the group. As we were getting ready to hunt and within a couple of minutes they were all up to the fence and gate.


I’m always a little concerned about how the cattle will reapond to us heading into their field. These guys seemed pretty docile. So off we went. Squirrels were active but kept busting us and not giving us a shot. I did connect on a fox squirrel and no grays on this trip. We didn’t get any help from the cattle. After about twenty minutes after I shot the fix squirrel we could hear one or more of them mooing close to where we had set up and found some possible grays.

As we were watching and hoping for a shot on one of the close gray squirrels a deer went running by us. Then several of the squirrels ran off.  Then we heard the cattle above us. Seems like they were circling the wood lot that we were hunting. We decided that they were going to continue to bother our hunting. We were going to call it quits and found several lilac colored mushrooms. Pretty excited at finding possible blewit mushrooms. They were a little old, but we picked about a dozen of the fresher ones. Only one gave us a partial spore print and the spores confirmed that these are blewits.


So with the small game hunt ended, we focused on more mushrooms. I had seen a clump of mushrooms on a log in the distance and was sad to see this chicken mushroom or sulfur shelf that was probably a week past their prime.


We also found several clumps of these guys, but could not id them to feel comfortable enough to harvest them.


We did find a bunch of white and yellow amanita mushrooms. We did find two white mushrooms on a log that got our attention from a long distance. Turned out that they were two small lion’s mane or bearded tooth mushrooms. After harvesting these two I spotted a larger one about 8 feet up a tree. Olivia quickly volunteered to climb and pick that one. We also harvested a few clumps of coral fungus as well. Not a bad evening.


Still looking for some hen of the woods mushrooms or fresh chicken mushrooms. Need some more rain. As we were heading back to the car got followed again by the cattle. Not too long and they were back at the fence mooing at us. Here’s a couple of parting shots.


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