Gasconade River: Riddle Bridge>>>>>Boiling Springs 10/14-10/16

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 28th, 2016
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First time to the Gasconade.  Made a rookie mistake right off the bat and talked myself into a long float (for this time of year anyway).  I was going to float for 6 miles on the B. Piney and the last two on the Gasconade but Boiling Springs couldn’t get me out on the water until after 1030a.  I decided on the long float and had Andy from Route 66 shuttle my vehicle for me.  If I do this again in the fall, I will definitely takeout at Veteran’s Bridge instead of floating all the way to our campground at Boiling Springs.

After Andy dropped us off at the Riddle Bridge boat ramp we ran into a really nice Army Sergeant  from Fort Leonard Wood who was down there running his boat one last time before he put it away for the winter.  He was a spiritual guy so he offered to lead me and my buddy in a prayer before we left.  Pretty odd but cool thing to happen right before you head out I guess? He prayed that we not encounter any snakes and I will be darn if we didn’t encounter any out there on the water. Just wish he would have prayed for a 20′ smallie for me though!

I tried to stay committed to top water for longer then I normally do on this trip but I soon gave up on it after my buddy nailed the first few fish (all dinks) and I had nothing to show for it.  He was using a Zoom Tiny Fluke on a shroom head and had also encountered a few nice smallmouth but couldn’t bring them to hand.  I messed around with all the usual baits that people have success with but I decided to stick with Mitch’s Craw and his flukes after awhile. I was immediately rewarded with a nice LM that I caught off the back of a wood pile I had great luck with both of Mitch’s creations as well as the Zoom Super Fluke. I have a favorite color of mine that really seems to pay off when the sun is out better than anything else I use.

I think I pulled darn near every fish I caught off the backside of downed trees.  My buddy on the other hand pulled most of his fish off of large chunk rock on the banks or on the edges of some of the deeper channels. As is the norm, LM were in slower water in deep cover and SM were before and after the current.  I did take some pictured on my GoPro but haven’t had time to upload them or see if I got anything decent on camera.

I can tell you the scenery both on the way down there and on the float were some of the most amazing things I have seen here in Missouri. We saw around a half dozen bald eagles, deer, and the beginnings of the fall colors popping on the trees.  I really cannot wait to go back out to the Gasconade again with some other people so I can learn a little more about how to fish it best.

In total we probably brought around 30 fish to hand before we had to haul butt back to the campsite so we weren’t still on the water at dark. Floated over a lot of decent water that I would have liked to fish but maybe I will get to it next time….

I did want to say thanks to Mitch (for his fantastic craws and flukes) MoSmallies (for his great advice) Smalliebigs (who gave me the killer deal on the Coosa)  and Gavin (for sending me in the right direction about the Gasconade when I started planning).  I think I learned a lot about the river this time around and I can’t wait to get back out there again.






This was a car/truck laying in the water on its roof.  I wonder what the story is behind this? Looks to be a late 50’s.

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