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Posted by Russ Stovall on January 6th, 2012
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How does the Big Sugar compare to the Elk and how does the Indian compare to either? Volume of water on average, depth, faster?

Upper Big Sugar (above Craig O Lee) and Indian Creek are very similar in size and flow. The Indian is less traveled and outfitters rarely cut down trees out of the stream. Fishing can be extremely good on Indian with plenty of small smallmouth, but don’t be shocked to hook a trophy small mouth.

Are the smaller creeks small enough to consider taking smaller rods, smaller lures?

A small to med spinning rod with 6lb line or less will pretty much cover any of the waters here, I fish with the hook exposed so setting the hook with a powerful rod is not needed.

Do the fish, say bass, hold is the slow pools or in the fast water, in the pockets?

I believe these fish are always hanging out under cover (see pic G4_03 in group 4), they will cruze the bank in schools of 5 or less looking for a easy dinner. They also will hang out at the beginning of a deep pool to capitalize on food being sweep downstream, I have caught fish throwing underneath rafts full of people. I think they were seeking shade.

How to the fish bite in the a. winter b. spring c. summer and d. fall?

Fish are active 10 months or so a year , it seems that when the water gets cold they are hard to locate and even harder to catch.

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