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Hog Heaven’s Elk River fishing and river report, May 31

Posted by Phil Lilley on May 31st, 2012
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Memorial Weekend on the Elk River was special.  Those who happened by Hog Heaven were entertained by the Greasy Chicken Dinner Band.  The river was in great shape and everybody had a grand time.  Hear Russ’s full report by clicking HERE.

Here’s a fishing report by Jocko from our OAF forum you might be interested in:

I made a major mistake and didn’t consult with Russ directly this time. I setup the float for Sat. and It was like Mardi Gras on the water. OK if that is what you are in for or expect but I had two canoes filled with wife and kids, Russ’s setup and hospitality more than made up for my lack of planning as usual. Sunday was much quieter. I will never again go without letting Russ tell me what suits my expectations, he won’t steer you wrong.

He may be humble about it, but it all honesty Russ’s band practices with Greasy Chicken DInner were the highlight and the fishing, floating and camping secondary. I am not a big musician by any means but it was a great time and all 4 kids (5 – 7 -13 -15) had a blast as the older ones enjoyed the music and the younger ones ran around with the other kids their age. Just an awesome time.

Didn’t get much fishing in during the float Saturday but Sunday I set the minnow trap and fished exactly 1 brush pile for a couple of hours in the middle of the day simply because the action never stopped. Didn’t even get to the back side of the stump. I must have caught 15 Goggle eye, 6 Kentucky or Largemouth (didn’t pay attention) but several were around 2.5 to 3 lbs and 3 Smallies one about 3 lbs, and missed way more than I caught due to the huge bait, small hook and noodle rod I was using. I would fight them half way in and still get a bite the next cast. Maybe they were competing with the voracity of the Goggle eye, never seen it that hot.  Literally every cast from one small spot, floaters would ask how the fishing was and I would say watch this…..catch one before they passed me and they would park their canoe. I’m not talking about the little 6 inch smallies either, all were good fish. The whole time my 7 yr old boy was near me spraying the floaters passing by with his supersoaker. Didn’t have to chase him or anything…just awesome.

The goggle eye were in open water and had wounds on their fins, I also saw some dish sized potholes so I think they may have just come off the nest. Everything caught on about 4 inch shiners, but they were biting tubes as well. It seemed I would put a new minnow on and the goggle eye would kill it immediately, but the bass would still hit the dead minnow hard.

I have been fishing these rivers and Shoal Creek off and on for 25 years and never seen a stump not cool off after pulling a good fish out of it. Especially in low clear water. Not sure what it was as it stormed hard the night before or maybe it was just the first time I got to really fish a hole wading in a while.

There is no other thing I have taken my family to where every single member had fun and wanted to go back. Hope it wasn’t too winded but wanted to thank everyone for turning me on to Hog Heaven a few years ago.

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