Eleven Point River

Top Five Elevenpoint Flies

Posted by Phil Lilley on September 6th, 2011
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Want to know what the top five flies are on the Eleven Point River are? Here’s Brian Sloss, business owner and fishing guide on the Eleven Point, and he’ll let you in on his choice…

Brian Sloss – Stoneflies (black, brown, and Golden)- I’ll include the MOAT in this catagory. They need to be heavy to get down to the bottom. I always throw a dropper off the Stones when I use them.

Crawdads- My favorite is Don’s Crawdad, but some prefer the crayfish nymph. Both work. the smallest sized crawdad patterns will often be fished as a dropper off the Stonefly.

Streamers-Anything that imitates baitfish. I’ll include leeches in this, mohair being a popular choice but, but bunny and ostriech work well too.
In-cased caddis-Black tung. bead, green flor. thread, sparkele olive and tan hare’s ear dubbing.

Copper johns, hares ear, pheasant tials, prince nymphs, san jaun worms, eggs (these do very well, but many won’t fish them). If it looks meaty and you can get it deep, it will probably catch fish here. I couldn’t give just 5. Sorry. On the Eleven Point most of the time it is about getting the fly deep in the right area with a good drift. Don’t ignore the swing and let it hang in the current a couple of seconds before picking it up.

Gavin Poppin
1)Mohairs & Buggers
2)Rubber Leg Stones
3)Rubber Leg Prince
4)Rubber Leg Hairs Ear
5)Egg Patterns

I usually fish a 7 weight rod with a heavy two-fly nypmh rig, big ball indicator, a long straight leader of 8-12 lb fluorocarbon, lots of split shot, and 3-4x tippet. Cheers.

1. Mohairs
2. Buggers in various configurations
3. copper johns
4. prince nymphs
5. stoneflies

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