Eleven Point River

July 13-14 Fishing report

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 19th, 2016
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We’ve been waiting all summer for the river level to fall in the 800-900 cfs range. Me and a buddy put in at Whitten on Wed late afternoon and fished the stretch from Tumbling Shoals back to Whitten. Bites were slow and fish were peckish – had to be ready to pull the trigger as we were only going to get one shot at the nibblers. Buddy landed a 16″ after about an hour. Action picked up after about 6:30. Ended up with 2 nice fish a piece in 14-16 range.

We did the Turner to Tumbling Shoals stretch the next day. It rained hard in the dawn hours and delayed our start. Forecast wasn’t great but looked like we had a couple hours break from rain in the afternoon. We put in about 1:00 and pretty much the same story – bites few and far between, and fish were just tapping at the hook. We fished hard until 5:00 – granted not ideal time in the heat of the day – and again landed 2 nice fish a piece in the 14-16″ range with a few small ones scattered throughout the day.


Both agreed that we are spoiled from previous years when 20 + fish days were not uncommon. Others we talked to were having the same luck – although we saw very few people fishing or floating either day. .  We talked to a couple guys at Turner who just finished fishing the Greer stretch and landed a couple 17″ fish. They came across the conservation people doing electro shock in the trophy area. I would be interested in seeing the results. I had heard rumors of stocking being down because of worries of disease in Montauk hatchery and flooding at Bennett Springs hatchery. Certainly makes sense to me as my last 3-4 trips in the past year have not been the most successful trips.

Still a beautiful river, cold water felt great on a 95 degree day. Always interesting to see the changes in the river after spring floods.

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