Eleven Point River

Brian’s fishing report, 1/28/12

Posted by Brian Sloss on January 29th, 2012
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As many of you know I have been concentrating on winter smallmouth trips lately and following a rise in the water due to recent rains, I took Mike and Tom from Memphis after a few on Friday. We fished marabou jigs under indicators on fly rods about 4-6ft deep depending on where we were fishing. Fishing was good with about 35-40 fish landed over about 4.5hrs and a few others that didn’t make it to hand. The largest fish were 15 and a quarter inches (3) and a lot of 11-14.5inch fish. Here is a sample of what they caught.

Following this trip I got a call to inquire about going after trout today (Sat). I told them that I had not gone after trout much lately because the smallies have been in demand lately, but that I would be happy to get them out for trout. The short notice trip didn’t pan out, but it made me feel like I needed to check out my usual fishing target, so after putting out a few overnight canoers, doing some chores and watching MU beat Texas Tech, I hit Graveyard hallow for about an hour.

I wasn’t sure how they would bite given the MDC shocked the water the day before while doing a fish survey. I didn’t bother taking a jig off from the previous days smallmouth trip and the first cast produced a skinny stocker. The second a fat and fiesty 16 inch wild guy. Then while working my way down to the bottom of the island I got a wild 8 incher.

At the bottom of the Island I lost the jig to the bottom and replaced it with an egg and a Pat’s Ruberleg stonefly dropper with 2 bbs. The Pat’s landed 2 more healthy stockers and a wild 6 incher. Then right before I was leaving I decided on one more cast. The indicator sunk like I had a rock, but then it moved and after 30 seconds it surfaced and I saw a substantial pink stripe and a big head shake sent my flies right back at me. Probably an 18-21 incher, but it was probably 25ft away so no telling for sure.

Not bad for an hour considering the flow is up and the wading was tougher than normal and the shocking boats came through yesterday. It was good to get after the trout again.

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