Eleven Point River

There are two rivers in Missouri that are the most sought after as far as scenic beauty and tranquility, as well as fish-ability - the Current and the Elevenpoint Rivers. The Elevenpoint starts like most rivers in central Missouri, from the Ozarks hills, but it gets boosted by one of Missouri’s largest springs - Greer Spring, which dumps more than 200 million gallons of clear, cold water into the Elevenpoint. Rainbows and browns abound below the spring, making its waters perfect for floaters who love to spin or fly fish for trout. The Elevenpoint is also part of the Ozark National Scenic Waterways, protected from development. It flows 138 miles south and joins the Spring River near Black Rock, Arkansas.

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Eleven Point Report – Feb 17-19

Posted by Phil Lilley on February 26th, 2017


Ventured down to the Eleven Point last weekend with a friend for some camping, floating, and fishing. Average 65 degree weekends in February don’t always show up, so we were excited to get out on the water. We ended up deciding we would only float from Greer to Turner and move at a snails pace, picking apart each good looking stretch of water as we went. read more…

July 13-14 Fishing report

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 19th, 2016

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We’ve been waiting all summer for the river level to fall in the 800-900 cfs range. Me and a buddy put in at Whitten on Wed late afternoon and fished the stretch from Tumbling Shoals back to Whitten. Bites were slow and fish were peckish – had to be ready to pull the trigger as we were only going to get one shot at the nibblers. Buddy landed a 16″ after about an hour. Action picked up after about 6:30. Ended up with 2 nice fish a piece in 14-16 range. read more…

Brian Sloss – fishing report 4/28/16

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 30th, 2016


Took Willie, a Louisiana turkey hunter in Missouri for the season, on a guided trip Thursday. The river has been fishing poorly for trout most of the spring, with a few exceptions. Our day was hopefully a good sign of things to come. Willie landed over 20 fish and lost around 10 more. We had to get about a mile from the access points to do much good and we had to really take our time to find hotspots, but when we did, we were rewarded. We had our best luck on Pat’s rubber legged golden stone and prince nymphs fished deep. Willie’s biggest fish landed was a 17.5 inch fatty. A number of smaller, probably 1-2 year old wild fish were caught as well. Also, we lost another fish in the 17-18 inch range. Good day. I was supposed to be on the water today, but we are expecting over 2 inches of rain in the form of thunderstorms today, so I had to cancel. Rain expected to start around 10 am here.