Echo Bluff State Park, The New Crown Jewel

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 28th, 2016
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Ancient Kings built temples, pyramids, and other monuments to themselves.  Missouri has really overdone it on this one.  Some of the best concrete roads in the state.  State of the art architecture and design.  A luxury bridge over a small crick.  Huge lodge with meeting rooms and dining facility.  Condos.  RV sites packed in side to side out in the open.

Thanks to a feller that had one party too many, Mo has built some park.

Why did they put guard rails along the road that are already rusting on opening week?  Most everywhere uses galvanized material that resists the elements.  Were they trying to make it look “rustic”?  I have a pic of an overlook where they used 3″ square steel with a powdercoat inner grate.  The steel tube is rusting already, I warned the better half not to lean on it.  Why didn’t they finish the metal?

Overall, I was ashamed that someone spent so much money, my tax dollars and yours, on something so fickle.  They really overdid it.  And there is only a little crick running thru it.






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