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Gavin’s fishing report

Posted by Gavin on January 11th, 2012
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Great Float this weekend. I had my best day ever on Thursday. I didn’t catch my biggest Current River brown, or the most ever, etc. on Thursday but the day’s events topped the charts on many levels.

The day started with a zero dark thirty dawn patrol on the upper river with Coldwater. The big fish were in the mood to play! We caught several nice ones; 22″ brown and a 19″ brown for me, a low 20” range brown and a really big brown that got away for Coldwater. Met our buddy Hoff at Baptist at 9:30am and run our shuttle down to Welch Spring. We were loaded and floating by 10:30am. We took our time floating. Hoff arrived Wednesday and we waited around and had some coffee while he broke camp about a mile below Baptist.

It was a warm, bright, clear afternoon and some caddis started to hatch. Coldwater had fun picking off risers with the fly rod, but I wanted to catch some smallmouth. It took me awhile, but I eventually did find the smallmouth. They were still biting consistently when I called it quits at ten. I tried to recreate the smallmouth pattern downstream in a couple spots. Didn’t catch anymore smallmouth, but I was rewarded with my biggest brown of the trip! Fat as a football, and Coldwater was kind enough to paddle down to get a picture of it!

We were still a good way above Parker Hollow at 3pm and thoughts turned to a camp spot. We had planned to camp in the Blue Ribbon, and then meet a bunch of friends down below Cedargrove on Saturday, but we decided to paddle down and meet them on Thursday instead of Friday. We made it to the Cedargrove bridge around 4:30pm, were we met Barry & Mike. We finished dragging our stuff over the bridge by 5:15pm or so, and had a great float down to camp in the dark. The moon was almost full and high in the sky. It backlit the trees and bluff faces beautifully. The need for artificial light was minimal and all made it safely to camp by 7:00 pm.

Friday & Saturday’s fishing was good too! Guess they stocked down below Cedargrove recently, because the fishing was downright silly for stocker sized bows. There were 12 guys in camp for the fish fry on Saturday. We fried trout & hush puppies until we were all ready to burst on Saturday afternoon, and those who fished went home with a bunch more on Sunday. Great Eagle viewing to boot…we saw several on the upper river, and there was an adult pair and a juvenile hanging out between Medlock & Welch Spring all weekend. Seemed kind of tame, because we got within 75-100’ of them on several occasions. Bad phone vid by me, pictures by ColdwaterFshr.

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