Crane Creek

What a day on Crane . . .

Posted by Phil Lilley on September 11th, 2016
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All that can be said is wow! Great trip Friday down my favorite creek. Took a longer walk and found a glorious stretch of unexpected water. Water that appeared void of life at first glance. Upon stopping and waiting for a breeze to pass i saw a riser… so flipped my sculpin colored bugger up next to a tree.

Almost instantly I’m hooked up with a beast of a McCloud. Straight out of the water he came. Netted it measured fifteen inches. Another cast, to middle of the stream this time, and again wham! This time only twelve incher. Moved down to another tree with deep blue water only under the roots. Cast to left side fish, middle another fish, right you guessed it fish. No big ones this tree.

Next tree about twenty yards away , cast to middle to fix my reel… as soon. As my fly hits water something big takes it… this one wont surface pulling line down stream. Finally a surface view and again wow! After what seems like forever i net my new pb for the creek at ninteen inches. the rest oF Trip Filled with small fish and dry fly action in the usual spots. Best day I’ve had in along time.



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