Crane Creek

When a fly fisher thinks of Crane Creek, he automatically thinks of the McCloud rainbows that were stocked in the small, spring fed creek near Crane, Missouri, in southwest Missouri more than 100 years ago. Despite years of floods and droughts, this beautiful red band species of rainbow has fought to survive, and that savvy and fight shows up when trying to fool one in Crane Creek. There is plenty of public access to Crane thanks to land that was donated to the Missouri Department of Conservation and land in the city limits of Crane where the river runs through a city park. These trout are to be respected and admired, caught and gently released.

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Fishing is hot!

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 3rd, 2017

This is a report for my last couple of trips.
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5/30 nymph day

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 2nd, 2017

Made it down to the creek around four yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of flow. Nice and fast but clear in the runs green in the pools. Threw nymphs including frenchie and bhprince. Caught eight in about three hours.  Had to get it deep in the pools to get bit. Also tried a barely legal in some deeper runs and had some gnarley attacks but no hook ups. May try a smaller version next time.

Friday pre-storm fishing

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 14th, 2017

Twenty plus day on the creek. Mostly dinks.  Had a couple decent ones and had two big overcome off. Threw bh hares ear with a hot spot and bhpt  also Griffiths gnat and caddis took a couple. Biggest came on hares ear. Seems to me throwing one nymph in the low water, anywhere there’s a current with a seam , was the trick. Fun day.

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First trip to Crane yesterday

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 27th, 2016


Made a quick holiday weekend trip up to Missouri from OKC this weekend. Last couple fishing trips had been pretty rough, so we fished roaring river Friday to get our confidence up and then yesterday morning hit crane creek for the first time.  read more…

What a day on Crane . . .

Posted by Phil Lilley on September 11th, 2016


All that can be said is wow! Great trip Friday down my favorite creek. Took a longer walk and found a glorious stretch of unexpected water. Water that appeared void of life at first glance. Upon stopping and waiting for a breeze to pass i saw a riser… so flipped my sculpin colored bugger up next to a tree. read more…

Crane Creek, Missouri Raw Footage of McCloud Rainbow.

Posted by Phil Lilley on August 15th, 2016

Check out this RAW footage video of a nice one I caught in 2014.  Just thought I would share. All the details are posted in the description on the YOUTUBE video.  Hope you enjoy..  No fancy editing or music…

Thanks for watching..